The TEMPLECORE Revolution for GREATNESS is inspiring individuals to reach their full potential and share it with the world to make a positive impact.


in your approach to school, sports, and how you live as a contributing individual in your community.


with your support and compassion for the Sweet Sleep charity who gives beds, and a new life to children around the world.


When you wear TEMPLECORE, you live out loud what you believe. We offer Casual Apparel and Sportswear with a uniquely designed TEMPLECORE graphic that has a positive and inspiring message.

TEMPLECORE was started with our sons and embodies the three most fundamental principles we have strived to instill in our sons: be your best, be the difference, and be always willing to give back. TEMPLECORE is founded on the belief that we all must safeguard the passion at our core.

Our sons understand that if these principles are wholeheartedly applied to their lives, they will be the happiest, proudest and most authentic versions of themselves.

In a world blown over by winds of change, TEMPLECORE brings young men and women together under common values. It is not only a clothing-line, but a supportive, inspiring, and uplifting community where members may connect to share stories, concerns and common experiences.

Our mission does not end at home. For every TEMPLECORE sale, a portion of the profit will be donated to our Life-Changing Partner, Sweet Sleep. Sweet Sleep is a non-profit charity that provides beds for orphaned children in the USA and overseas, a gift that we hope brings strength to children around the globe.

It’s who you are. It’s what you do.

Britt, and J.

Be What You Wear