One of the reasons we started TEMPLECORE is to help change the lives of children in need in our community and around the world. A portion of every sale from TEMPLECORE goes to our Life-Changing Partner, Sweet Sleep. We think it is important that you know who you are giving to, and what you are giving when you purchase a product.

Your purchases help provide mats, foam mattress beds, sheet sets, blankets, mosquito nets, and you are giving HEALTH – DIGNITY – SECURITY – REST to children in need.

In northern Uganda, many of the children are HIV positive, and nearly all of them have lost both of their parents to HIV/AIDS or the brutality of a civil war. They sleep alone or with a relative inside a mud hut with a thatched roof on a floor of pressed red clay that is as hard and cold as concrete. These children suffer constantly from malaria, and because of a complete lack of sanitation, the contaminated earth contributes to intestinal worm infestations. Giving a child a bed can literally save his or her life in conditions such as these.

When a Sweet Sleep team travels to these remote villages to provide beds, we show the beneficiaries that they have great value and worth – a dignity that was stolen from them during the war. They receive hope for a better tomorrow.

Orphaned and vulnerable children have typically experienced more trauma than many of us will ever know. With the compounding fears these kids experience, finally having a bed to call their own accomplishes a sense of safety and comfort that’s otherwise rare to find. In this environment it’s like giving them a new home; a place to call their own.

The majority of children we serve spend much of their day on basic survival. Give them true rest, and you give them the opportunity to create, share, explore, learn – all around flourish.

The beds are rebuilding communities. By giving them something such as a bed, something considered reserved for only the ruling class of Uganda, we are showing them they are worthy of a better life – one worth rebuilding.

Thank you for being a part of our life-changing purpose when you purchase a product from TEMPLECORE.

If you want to learn more about getting involved with TEMPLECORE Giving Back, please email us at We are Apparel with a Purpose.